1″ plugs

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Spring and fall are the best times to grow cilantro. Each of our biodegradable pots contains multiple cilantro seedlings, so you can plant a small patch of cilantro from one pot. In addition to being an essential herb in Latin American and Asian recipes, cilantro also attracts black swallowtail butterflies & caterpillars.

To transplant, thoroughly wet the biodegradable pot, then break into fourths. Plant each chunk in soil about 6” apart. This gives the seedlings more room to grow, for a bigger harvest. Make sure the rim of the biodegradable pot is not sticking up above the soil, or it will wick moisture away from the plant roots – either bury the rim, or tear it off.

Cilantro likes cool weather, and will bolt (go to seed) when it gets hot. Harvesting the stems before they flower will give you a longer harvest window.