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Prospera & Rutgers Devotion: Last year, my never-fail Genovese basil failed. It succumbed to a type of downy mildew disease specific to basil, which is increasingly common and has damaged basil crops world-wide. This year, I’m trialing two Genovese-type basils that are resistant (but not immune) to downy mildew. In addition to growing resistant varieties, the risk of disease can be reduced by keeping foliage dry, using drip irrigation instead of overhead watering, providing good airflow, and removing and destroying infected plants. Note: although all basil varieties are susceptible to downy mildew, Genovese is most commonly affected.

Genovese – the classic Italian basil, used for making pesto, caprese salad, and bruschetta. Fragrant plants grow 2” tall. Frequent harvesting will promote denser leaf growth and keep the plant from going to seed. Plant in late spring in full sun after the weather has warmed; basil loves warm weather. Annual.

Cardinal Basil: Uniquely beautiful Thai basil with large, glossy leaves and dark red flower bracts. Slower growing than other basils; the flower bracts don’t appear until later in summer, but they’re worth the wait! Edible ornamental with cinnamon/clove flavor.

Amethyst Basil: a purple Genovese type basil, very ornamental! Use as garnish and for cooking. Flowers are edible with intense basil flavor.

Dwarf Greek Basil – these cute, compact plants grow to only 6-10” tall. They naturally maintain a mounded shape, and are perfect for containers. Spicy-sweet flavor. The tiny leaves make an attractive garnish. Tends to bolt more quickly than regular basil; frequent trimming will keep it from going to seed.

Marseillais Dwarf Basil – heralded as the best flavored variety ever, this compact French newcomer has proportionately large leaves with a wonderfully intense flavor. Perfect for containers, 12” height.

Red Freddy – a Genovese type basil with reddish-purple leaves. Excellent flavor, large leaves. Striking when mixed with green basils.

Aromatto: tall basil ideal for cut flowers. Purple stems, flower bracts & purple-green foliage. Scent is similar to Cinnamon basil. Sweeter-tasting than Genovese basils.

Lime: zesty citrus aroma. Aromatic, bright green foliage grows 1-2’ tall. Flowers can be used to garnish drinks, salads, soups, pasta and desserts.

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