$2 seedling in 2.5” biodegradable pots OR
$10 for 6 pack of mixed “brainy” and plume-type varieties



Heat-loving, colorful and easy to grow! Celosia, aka Cockscomb, is one of my favorite summer flowers. We offer two types, both with excellent vase life.

Pampas Plume has feathery plumes in scarlet, orange, yellow, pinks and creams. Perfect bouquet filler. Plants reach 4-5’ height with multiple branches. 95 days to maturity.

Celosia cristata has brainy or coral-like, velvety blooms. Very unusual flower, and irresistible in a weird way. We offer 2 varieties: Chief’s Mix in gold, rose, persimmon or red. Kurume Mix has large combs in gold, scarlet or red, and sometimes bi-colored combs. 3-4’ height. Great fresh or dried. 95 days to maturity.

If ordering the single $2 seedlings, please make a note when you check out and let me know which varieties you prefer:

Pampas Plume
Chief’s Mix

For celosia geeks, Floret has an excellent article on growing celosia on her blog.