Yellow LED Bulbs


These energy-saving bulbs provide a 60 watt equivalent but use just 9 watts.


Insect decline? Yellow LED Lights to the Rescue!

Rated to last 10,000+ hours, mercury free, UL listed, waterproof, for indoor & outdoor use.

Did you know that light pollution is a major cause of insect decline? Security lights on our homes at night attract moths & other insects, causing deaths by:

Increase predation
Blind insects
Misdirect oviposition
Disrupt circadian rhythms, foraging, mating & reproduction*

There’s an easy solution right at hand!

Put a motion sensor on your security lights so they’re not on all night long, and switch to yellow bulbs, which are far less attractive to insects.

*This information comes straight from the presentation given by Doug Tallamy at UCO on August 20, 2022. Thank you, Doug!!

If you missed Doug’s talk, the Oklahoma Native Plant Society has posted the video online here:

Yellow LED Bulbs