Sedum, Widow’s Cross


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Sedum pulchella
A sweet little sedum, native to Oklahoma. This sedum is a winter annual; seeds germinate in fall or early spring, grow and flower in late spring to early summer, then mature and die by mid-summer, self-seeding for the next season.
Pink flowers on horizontal branches top off the lime green stems. Ideal for sunny rock gardens or in containers. Its abundant pollen and nectar feed small bees and other insects. The name “Widow’s Cross” refers to the four petals in each flower that form a cross shape.
Grows 6-12” tall, medium to dry soil, full sun to light shade. Generally, the flowers of sedums (Sedum spp.) are cross-pollinated by small bees (Andrena spp., etc.) and probably other insects. Both nectar and pollen are available as floral rewards to such visitors.
The common name of Widow’s Cross refers to the cross shape of its four petals. The Latin name translates to pretty or beautiful, which is a perfect description of the vibrant coloration found during bloom. The plant offers abundant rewards of pollen and nectar to visiting pollinators.