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Ali Baba, Orangeglo, Congo, Sugar Baby, Missouri Heirloom Yellow Fleshed

What’s summer without watermelon? Provide full sun and a fertile soil when planting melons. Plant 2-3’ apart in rows 6-8’ apart. Good soil moisture is important in early stages of growth and during pollination when fruits are setting. After this point do not water the last week before fruits are ripe, as overwatering can cause bland fruit.

Watermelon vines need room to sprawl, and up until now, I haven’t had room to grow watermelon. So I am leaning on the experience of my friend, Christine, in recommending ‘Orangeglo’ and ‘Ali Baba’ as an easy-to-grow watermelon for central Oklahoma. Please note – I haven’t grown any of these myself before, am just trying them for the first time.

From Baker Creek Seeds:

Orangeglo’ – Beautiful, deep orange flesh; very sweet, excellent, almost tropical flavor! The best-tasting of ALL orange varieties we tried—the favorite of many who tried it at our place. High yields. Very resistant to wilt and insects; strong healthy vines.

‘Ali Baba’ – the 12-30 lb melons have hard light-green rinds that… make them resistant to sun burning. Plants are large, vigorous and give heavy yields of oblong fruit which do well in many conditions. The flavor is superb, being very sweet and luscious; and the texture is very crisp. This is a best seller and is a favorite of Dr. Amy Goldman and featured in her book “Melons for the Passionate Grower”. Ali Baba has received much acclaim online “as the best tasting watermelon,” and it will forever win a spot in any melon lover’s heart.

Also available:

Sugar Baby – An ideal plant for gardeners with limited space, the vines of sugar baby bush only reach around 3 feet in length. This is an early producer; the juicy and sweet little 6-12 pound fruit should be ready harvest in 75 days. Flesh is a deep scarlet; skin is a dark green with no striping.

Congo – very sweet, heirloom watermelon, can grow to 50# or more. Congo was an All-America selection winner in 1950.

Missouri Heirloom Yellow Fleshed – a drought tolerant watermelon with long pale green fruits, sweet flavored gold flesh, 15-20 pounds.