in 2.5″ biodegradable pot



Helianthus annuus

One of the largest mammoth sunflowers you can grow. Reaches 12 – 14’ tall, topped by a very large, beautiful golden flower face with a dark center disk. Large kernels provide a bountiful crop of sunflower seeds for fiber-rich, tasty snacks or as a welcome feast for songbirds.

Teddy Bear
Multi-branching, dwarf sunflower with 3-5” shaggy blooms. Final height depends on size of container; a 4” pot will produce an 8-12” plant, but if planted in the ground, it can reach 3’ in height. Popular with kids!

Dwarf Music Box
Dwarf sunflower, multi-branching, grows about 30” tall. Flowers come in a range of colors, from yellow to cream to mahogany. Ideal for container growing, and makes an exceptional border planting. Fleuroselect Award winner.

Velvet Queen
Branching sunflower with large, mahogany-red flowers with an almost black central disk. Beautiful as a cut flower as well as in the landscape. Grows 5-7’ tall.

Autumn Beauty
Bold, beautiful flowers in yellow, bronze and purple shades. Produces pollen; good for bee forage, produces many long stems. Grows 5-6’ tall.

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Titan, Teddy Bear, Dwarf Music Box, Velvet Queen, Autumn Beauty