in 2.5” biodegradable pots


Marketmore – Long, slender, dark green slicing cucumber. Popular open pollinated variety. Tolerant of less-than-ideal weather conditions. High resistance to scab; and intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mildew. 

Diva – Tender, crisp, bitter-free, seedless. Diva produces all female flowers (gynoecious) and can set fruit without pollination (parthenocarpic) so it has higher yields than many other varieties. Diva has a reputation as being well-suited for southern gardeners, and I have found it to be a notably reliable producer in our climate. Especially flavorful when harvested small. High resistance to scab, and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. AAS winner. 

Striped Armenian – Long, curvy cucumbers, slightly ridged with alternating dark and light green stripes. Harvest from 8” to 18”. Looks and tastes like a cucumber, but is actually a member of the melon family. Trellis them for a living fence or arbor. This is the most productive and disease-resistant cucumber I’ve ever grown. We love growing AND eating them!

HOW TO TRANSPLANT Biodegradable Pots

Before transplanting, keep a close eye on them as these pots dry out faster than plastic pots; walls of the pot should not dry out. Remember to wet the pot & seedling thoroughly before you transplant. Make sure the rim of the pot doesn’t show after transplanting. Bury the whole pot, or tear off the protruding edges of the rim before planting.