Showy Goldenrod


in 3” re-used plastic pot
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Solidago speciosa

Showy Goldenrod is a native perennial that blooms in the fall with upright stems topped by feathery, yellow blooms. Blooming later than most perennials, goldenrod is an important nectar and seed source for butterflies and small birds at a time of year when many other plants have finished blooming. Goldenrod are a powerhouse plant when it comes to pollinators. Grows 3-5’ in height, prefers medium to dry soil, full sun, will spread over time. In 3” recycled plastic pot.

Note: goldenrod does NOT cause hayfever! Ragweed is to blame for that. The pollen of goldenrod is large and sticky so that it adheres to visiting insects. That means it doesn’t become airborne, and won’t travel into your sinuses. Ragweed has lightweight pollen that is easily airborne.