Rainbow Chard Seedlings


in 2″ biodegradable pots (plant pot and all)

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Chard (F1) 55 Days

A multi-colored Swiss chard with stems of red, pink, orange, yellow and white. Transplant 4-12” apart, depending on whether you want to harvest baby leaves or full-sized bunches. A very ornamental vegetable, and makes delicious cooked greens. Multiple seedlings in each 2.5″ biodegradable pot.

To transplant biodegradable pots: thoroughly wet the pot before planting. Make sure the rim of the biodegradable pot is not sticking up above the soil, or it will wick moisture away from the plant roots – either bury the rim, or tear it off.

There are multiple seedlings in each pot of chard. You can plant them all together for baby greens, or split the wetted pot into chunks and plant each chunk 6″ apart to give each plant room to grow larger leaves.

The VERY BEST chard recipe I have ever made is “Green Shakshuka with Avocado and Lime.” (You can find it easily with an internet search.) It’s worth growing chard just to make this recipe.