Perennial Blend: Growing Mix for Raised Beds and Containers


40 quart bag, sales tax included

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I buy my potting mix from Vermont Compost Company, and I attribute much of the health of my seedlings to their excellent product! This blend is very similar to the potting mix that I buy, and it’s what they recommend for raised beds and container growing. Fill your pot or bed with this mix, and you’re ready to plant. After the first season, I would top dress with compost before each additional planting.

Here’s their description:

This blend is formulated for organic growing in large pot, container, and bed culture where a coarse texture is preferred. Particularly suited for woody plants, shrubs, herbs, perennials, and the mulching of vegetable and flower beds. Usually, no additional fertility is required.

Ingredients: blended from manure compost; bark; crushed, washed screened granite/basalt blend; sphagnum peat moss; coconut coir; kelp; blood meal; gypsum; bone meal; vermiculite.