Passionflower Vine


in 5″ pot

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Passiflora incarnata

A perennial vine with stunningly intricate flowers. The only host plant for the Gulf Fritillary, it also attracts the Variegated Fritillary and many other butterflies.

If you spot a bright orange caterpillar covered in black spines on your passionflower, you’ve got Gulf Fritillary! (Don’t worry; they look scary but they don’t sting!) The caterpillars may eat the vine bare, but that’s been happening for thousands of years and the passionflower vine will return in the spring.

Give this fast-growing vine a fence, arbor or trellis to climb, or let it sprawl along the ground; it can grow 20’ in one season. To encourage bushiness, pinch back while young. Can become invasive; remove suckers regularly to control its spread. Will grow in full sun or partial shade, but it will flower more with full sun. Dies back during winter and reappears in late spring. Needs well-drained, medium to dry soil. Drought and heat tolerant.