Onion Seedlings


$4.00 for 4” re-used plastic pot with multiple seedlings


Onion plants look like small green onions. Plant them 4” apart, 1” deep – no deeper, or it will inhibit their ability to bulb. Onions do best with full sun, in fertile, loose soil.

Plant in late February or early March. Later plantings will result in smaller sized onions. Each leaf produces one onion ring, so the more time it has to produce leaves, the larger your onions will grow. Onions have shallow roots and grow best with at least 1” per week of rain or irrigation. Weed frequently, as even moderate weed competition will reduce onion yield. Applying a light layer of straw mulch will suppress weeds considerably and also help maintain even moisture in the soil.

Harvest when the tops fall over, usually in early June. Cure in a shady location for a week or longer, until the necks are thoroughly dry. Clip tops and roots and store in a cool, dry place.

Candy – large, sweet, yellow onion. Widely adapted, intermediate-day variety, not a long-storage onion. 110 days to maturity from transplant.

Expression – large, yellow onion with mild flavor, slightly flattened bulbs, disease resistant, stores up to 3-4 months, intermediate-day variety. 105 days to maturity from transplant. Minimum 30 seedlings per pot

Cabernet – red onion, uniform, vibrant red, jumbo sized onions, short-day variety, stores up to 3 months. 165 days to maturity from transplant. Minimum 25 seedlings per pot

Monastrell – large, red onion, intermediate-day variety, stores 3-5 months. 106 days to maturity from transplant.