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Cosmos bipinnatus

Easy to grow annual flower in shades of pinks and white. Plant in full sun, 9-12” apart; grows 2-4’ tall. Cosmos is tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions and will often self-seed. Heat and drought tolerant once established. Delightful cut flower; harvest when petals are just starting to open. Sow several times through the summer for continuous blooms.

Cosmos attracts bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Seashells Mix

Tubular petals with fluted edges in carmine, rose, pink or white.


Petals fade from a deep cranberry to an antique rose color. Productive, early-flowering plants reach 3’ in height.


Cosmos bipinnatus (straight species) – attractive flowers in a mix of crimson, pink and white.

Psycho White

Long-blooming, pure white flowers with thread-like leaves. Full sun.

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