Butter Beans ‘Henderson’


in 2.5″ biodegradable pot

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Phaseolus lunatus

AKA lima beans, these are an easy to grow crop with few pest or disease issues, plus they’re heat and drought tolerant. A perfect match for Oklahoma weather! The first time I grew them, I discovered why they are called butter beans! Tender and buttery, Henderson is an early-maturing, bush variety with 3-4 small white beans per pod.

Butter beans require more heat than green beans; ideal soil temperature for germination is 85 degrees, and optimal air temp for growing plants is 70-80 degrees. Wait a couple weeks after the final spring freeze before seeding outside.

Harvest for fresh shelling when beans are plump and bulge inside the pods. Or let dry in the pod and use as dried beans. The pods have large, flat seeds inside, so it doesn’t take long to shell enough for a meal. Fresh, green butter beans cook quickly; simmer for just 5 or 10 minutes or until soft and tender. 60-75 days to maturity.