deep 4″ plugs for $2.50 each


4″ deep plug

I’m trying something new this fall and offering broccoli seedlings as deep 4″ plugs for $2 each, rather than my usual seedlings in bio-pots for $2.50 each. They’re cheaper and easier for me to grow, so I can pass the savings on to you. This is how I grow seedlings for my own garden, and have had excellent results.

It’s easier to grow broccoli successfully in Oklahoma in fall than spring; the young seedlings are generally fairly heat tolerant, and by the time the plants mature, the weather has cooled down. Transplant fall broccoli in mid-August in full sun with fertile soil, and weekly rain or watering; we’re aiming for rapid growth so that they’re ready to harvest in mid to late October before the first fall freeze.

The very easiest broccoli I’ve even grown is Yod Fah Chinese broccoli. It produces very small bunches of florets rather than large heads, but all of it – leaves, flowers & stems – are edible, and the flavor is excellent. A real winner!

BROCCOLI, Green Magic (F1) 57 days

Excellent heat tolerance. Heads are smooth, well domed, and very attractive. Early maturing. Sold as deep 4” plugs.

MINI-BROCCOLI, Sweet Stem (F1) 30 days

Early, tender and productive, mini-broccolis produce many small florets instead of one large head. Sweeter flavor than regular broccoli, and more tolerant than standard broccoli of less-than optimal weather and soil conditions.  If harvested 1-2 times per week, plants will bear well for 4 weeks or longer under favorable conditions. Sold as deep 4” plugs.

BROCCOLI, Yod Fah Chinese 30 days

Tender stalks have a broccoli/kale flavor, only sweeter. Leaves, stalks and flowers are all edible and tasty. Much easier to grow than standard broccoli, and the flavor is excellent. Produces very small bunches of florets rather than a large head; the florets can be eaten at any stage, including when they open into white flowers. Plant seedlings 4-6” apart. Also known as Kailaan or Gai Lan or Chinese Kale. Available soon!