Arugula Seedlings


in 2.5″ biodegradable pot with multiple seedlings

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25 days

Early, heat tolerant greens with a nutty, slightly bitter flavor. Excellent fresh in salads or cooked with eggs, soups, etc. Flowers are also edible.

To transplant, thoroughly wet the biodegradable pot, then break into fourths. Plant each chunk in soil about 6” apart. This gives the seedlings more room to grow, for a bigger harvest. Make sure the rim of the biodegradable pot is not sticking up above the soil, or it will wick up moisture away from the plant roots – either bury the rim, or tear it off.

For “cut and come again”, harvest the leaves an inch or two above the soil, just above the growing tip. The plant will send out new leaves, and in a couple weeks you can harvest again.