Sweet William (Dianthus) Seedlings


in 2.5” biodegradable pot


Dianthus barbatus

A beautiful, old-fashioned flower with excellent vase life. Bright, bold flowers bloom the first year. Sweet, clove-like fragrance, also good as an edible flower. Tender perennial, often grown as annual. Full sun. Dianthus has been cultivated since at least the 1500s!

Varieties: Electron, Sweet White, Sweet Mix. If you have a variety preference, let me know in the “Notes” box on the order form.

‘Electron’ Mix
Eye-catching mix of red, pink and white bi-color blossoms with white highlights. Densely clustered flower heads with clove-like scent. Superb cut flower. 18-24” tall. Biennial.

‘Sweet’ Mix
Strong plant growth with large, fragrant heads, excellent as a cut flower and gorgeous in the landscape or in containers. 18-30” tall.

‘Sweet’ Mix White
All white flowers. White flowers show up at night when darkness hides other flowers, offering a lovely surprise to late-night strolls in the garden. 18-30” tall.

‘Amazon Neon Rose Pink’ has large, brilliantly colored blooms on tall, sturdy stems with multiple shades of pink on each flower head.

Sweet William (Dianthus) Seedlings