Peppers, Sweet

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in 2.5″ biodegradable pots



Ace Bell Pepper – Early, productive bell pepper. High yields of medium sized sweet peppers that turn from green to red.

Giant Red Marconi Sweet Pepper – sweet & flavorful! Large, tapered, Italian type pepper, matures from green to a sweet, deep red. Excellent raw, roasted or grilled.

Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper – golden version of red Marconi. Large, tapered, Italian type sweet pepper, matures from light green to golden yellow.

Sweet Banana Pepper – long “banana shaped” sweet pepper, great for fresh eating, cooking or pickling. Perfect for making pepper rings for sandwiches. Peppers mature from pale yellow to orange-red.

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Ace Bell Pepper, Giant Red Marconi Sweet Pepper, Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper, Sweet Banana Pepper

Peppers, Sweet
$2.50 $1.25