Peppers, Hot

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Big Jim

Flavorful New Mexico-type chile, medium-hot. Good yields of large peppers. Usually harvested green, but will turn red if left on plant. Excellent as a roasted pepper or for chile rellenos.

Jalapeño ‘Jalafuego’

Vigorous plants with high yields of large, spicy-hot peppers. Peppers are resistant to checking (the small cracks in the skin that you often see on jalapeños.) High disease resistance. May need staking when heavily loaded with peppers.

Jalapeño ‘Felicity’

A “no-heat” jalapeño pepper. All the flavor and taste of a jalapeño without the fire. Good yields of thick-walled, uniform fruits that mature from green to bright red.

Lemon Drop

These hot, citrus-flavored heirloom peppers are a popular seasoning in Peru, its country of origin. The cone-shaped little peppers have a 30,000 to 100,000 Scoville rating. Two-foot plants are covered in with bright yellow peppers.


A mild habanero; all the delicious, fruity flavor but with almost no heat. Harvest when deep orange and fully ripe for most well-developed and complex flavor. Compact plants. Developed at Cornell University.

Habanero ‘Helios’

Extra-early hybrid habanero. Very hot! Earlier and higher yielding than standard habanero. Good yields on medium-large, upright plants.

Biquinho Peppers

“Little Beak” is a Brazilian variety with sweet, bright red 1” pods taper to a point like an inverted teardrop. Distinctive smoky flavor with a rich fruitiness, mild heat. May be eaten raw or cooked, but are generally pickled in vinegar and served with meals. Red or yellow varieties.

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Big Jim, Jalapeño ‘Jalafuego’, Jalapeño ‘Felicity’, Habanero, Habanada, Lemon Drop, Biquinho

Peppers, Hot
$2.50 $1.25