Leaf Celery


multiple seedlings in 2.5” biodegradable pot

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A Chinese celery grown for the celery-flavored leaf rather than full-size stalks. Can be harvested at baby stage as a cut-and-come-again herb. As the plant matures, the celery flavor and scent intensifies. Plant in full sun, fertile soil, and keep well-watered. Divide biodegradable pot into 4-6 chunks and plant each chunk 6” apart; one pot will plant a full square foot or more.

HOW TO TRANSPLANT Biodegradable Pots

Before transplanting, keep a close eye on them as these pots dry out faster than plastic pots; walls of the pot should not dry out. Remember to wet the pot & seedling thoroughly before you transplant. Make sure the rim of the pot doesn’t show after transplanting. Bury the whole pot, or tear off the protruding edges of the rim before planting.