Larkspur & Poppies


6 pack



Consolida ambigua

A cottage garden favorite, and beautiful in bouquets. Plant seedlings now for May flowers. The delicate-looking, star shaped flowers grow on stems 2-3’ tall. Blooms profusely until hot weather arrives in June. Let the plants go to seed and it will self-seed; plant a patch this spring and watch it grow year by year! Attractive to bees. Hardy annual.

Also available: combo pack of larkspur and poppies. Poppies bloom at about the same time as Larkspur, in shades of red, pink or white, and self-seed readily. Or try a 6 pack of all poppies!

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Larkspur 6-pack, Larkspur & Poppies 6-pack, Poppies 6-pack